An incredible 1st year…

My 1st Years have created a fanstastic infographic showing all the things about a babies 1st birthday, to celebrate little Prince George’s first birthday.  Babies have incredible 1st years and Prince George is no exception, I loved looking back at all the things babies go through in their first year. It was great to reminice about my little babies when they were approaching their first birthdays. I love reading back through my blog posts at my little Prince and Princesses milestones, they really are incredible.

Noah – age 6 months

Both of my children were so different: one had a lot of hair, one really didn’t. One was quiet and observant, the other wasn’t. One was very regimented in a sleeping pattern, the other just doesn’t like to sleep. They are so different and yet so similar, they are both my babies and I am so proud of every one of their milestones. Their first words, their first teeth. It is amazing how many firsts there are and that you forget to note down. They go on such an incredible journey and I am just so glad I have got to be a part of their precious journeys. Being a mummy and a daddy is such a blessing.

Isla at five months
Isla – age 5 months

Both my babies came a week after their due dates. So I am not one of the 5% that had that “lucky” timing. Both of mine started to take steps on or just before their 1st birthdays. I love the fact the infographic documents the amount of nappies changed in a 1st year, I did not realise I would have changed that many! It really makes you think about all these things when you see facts and figures, I am truly amazed. You can see the infographic below:

Prince George Infographic


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An incredible 1st year…

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