I say for kids, I find them delicious too, they are suitable for the whole family. As you may already know BEAR create naturally healthy products by using 100% natural ingredients. Yes, 100%. From after school snacks to that all important meal of the day, breakfast, BEAR have it covered.

Recently we have been trying to give Noah a little more responsibility for things around the house. The idea being that we are trying to make him realise that Mummy and Daddy are not his personal assistants. One of those tasks we have entrusted to him is making his own breakfast. It has only been three days so far but he has really taken this task on well. He made a beeline for the cereal cupboard and pulled out his Alphabites, almost immediately, and he is careful to pour just the right amount of milk.

With such cool packaging (yes it looks like a bear) I can see why he goes for it every time.  I told him that the BEAR cereal is the healthiest in the cupboard, so I am sure he is choosing it consciously too.

Alphabites ingredients

It’s easy to list what Alphabites are made from, the reason being because there are just 6 simple ingredients.  Not only are there only 6 ingredients, they are all 100% natural. I love the BEAR slogan: contains no added nonsense! And it’s true, not even salt or refined sugar.

The 6 ingredients are:

  • Wholegrain ground wheat
  • Ground oats
  • Coarsely ground corn
  • Ground rice
  • Unsweetened ground cocoa (4%)
  • Coconut blossom nectar

I had never heard of coconut blossom nectar before so I had to look it up: it is basically the natural nectar from the flowers on coconut trees. It is naturally high in potassium and calcium. Win-win!

BEAR sent us a rather cool bear kit so that the kiddies could dress up as little bear cubs and look just like the new BEAR Alphabites packaging, which brings bear to life with pop up ears.  We had little bear ear hats and plain brown PJs. I painted their faces using a fun Snazaroo face painting pack, which was easier than I imagined. I used a damp sponge to dab the colour onto their faces and the paintbrush for more distinct lines. I think Noah looks like a real bear cub. We had great fun. Especially as they got to eat the yummy cereal too!  

Why don’t you grab your breakfast box of healthy, natural goodness, Alphabites, from your local supermarket? I would love to see your little bear cub photos too…

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Last Update: Wednesday, 24th May 2017