I have had the opportunity to review Albelli, a place where you can get your photos from your computer onto a photobook or a piece of wall art… Admit it? You take hundreds of photos of your little family, the cat/dog, babies/children and your partner, but how often do you get them printed out into a fantastic photobook or piece of wall art? With Valentines Day looming I thought I would make the most out of Albelli and order something “from the heart” for my wonderful hubby…

Now, I consider myself to be a very lucky mummy as my husband has a photography business and we have some fabulous photos of our little family and of our bumps etc. So I thought I would get a fabulous Acrylic print for our wall of a lovely photo of our 2nd bump (which I know hubby loves) for a Valentines pressie and a photobook album of our first family holiday abroad back in November 2011 from Noah for Daddy on Valentines Day. I do think its essential to note that Noah was a Valentines baby so to speak, so its an extra special time in the Constant household as we do love our little Noah!

The website couldn’t be easier to use, you simply choose your product and then follow the online steps to create it and then hey presto – the product is ordered! Photobooks can be done one of 2 ways, you can download their fabulous piece of software and have full control of your photobook design or you can choose the online option, which takes you to the Albelli photobook studio, where you choose your photos, position them on the pages, choose the background colour of the pages etc and all the time seeing a preview of the page and what it will look like:

I am very excited to see what my products look like and if hubby loves them as much as I hope he will, I will post a review of them once they arrive…

So what have you got your other half for Valentines Day? Albelli carried out a recent Valentines survey and found that 30% of us prefer a personal gift that comes from the heart…and men are 3 x more likely to splash the cash than women. So ladies why not order something extra special from Albelli and gents, if you are so willing to splash that cash, why not opt for one of the larger photobooks or wall decor.
Check out their survey here.

Make sure you get your orders in by the 5th Feb 2012, in order to get them in time for a very special Valentines Day…

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st February 2012