After the review I did about the Albelli website and interface, I thought it was only fair that I write up about the products that I ordered. You can see the other review here:

Daddy loved his Photobook of our holiday to Tunisia, which is pretty much made up of the little man, Noah! I put all the photos in it that I liked the best out of the hundreds we took over the week and arranged them so that they show from the start of the holiday, to the end of our holiday.

The cover that I chose for my Photobook was the silver option and it comes in the linen fabric, as you can see from my photo it is very good quality fabric, there are no marks on the cover, it looked perfect. It feels really nice too, I have never purchased a photobook with a fabric cover before, so I didn’t really know what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised. There was the option to have a photo on the cover for a little extra, but I wanted to see what it would look like with just the fabric as I wanted to try something different.

The quality of the paper is 200 gram heavy weight photo paper and it feels really good quality too. It feels really thick and smooth, which is great for when little paws get their hands on it, I am not so frightened it will tear as easily as normal photo paper. The paper also has the FSC seal of approval, which means that you are also doing your bit for the environment. All photobooks are printed using FSC seal of approval paper, it is from responsibly managed forests, which are respectful to the environment, economy and social conditions.

You can add a high glossy option to your pages, which will make them more shiny (exactly what it says on the tin really!) and this is at a small cost per page.

I made my photobook with the default amount of pages, which was 24, but if you have more images that you want to show off in the book then you can add them as you go.

It really couldn’t be simpler to order the book from Albelli, use the software they provide to edit each page layout and organise your photos and then also to preview the book on your PC before you order. I am extremely happy with the quality of the book from the cover to the pages and the layout/image quality is exactly what I expected. The layout imitates the online preview, exactly and the quality of the images are perfect. No dullness, no darkness, no over contrasting of the image quality – the photos look as amazing on paper as they do on screen. This is a major point to consider when ordering prints and especially photos, always make sure you read reviews before you use a new company as some print work can be very different to what you expect. Not Albelli though!!

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Last Update: Saturday, 3rd March 2012