SM0A0080Christmas was fantastic at the Constant household, Noah and Isla got absolutely spoilt on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We had lots of fun playing with new toys, including Buzz and a new Rocking Horse, and Noah & Isla are looking forward to watching the Gruffalo on our road trip to Snowdonia on their new portable DVD player. Such a great idea for keeping the little one entertained in the car, especially Noah!

We did get a few tantrums from Noah over the festive period, but I think its all quite overwhelming with presents, people and things all changing, like routines and mealtimes etc. I can understand it was a bit weird for the little lad, he didnt go to bed until 10pm on Christmas Day and boy did we know about it! Isla has been crawling and climbing, falling and crying, as usual over the past couple of days. She has been extremely happy in between the falling incidents though. We have loved seeing her big grin, as she grins at everyone and she spent all of Boxing Day in her pretty pink Disney Princess dress that Nanny & Grandad bought her (when I was pregnant with Noah, so I am glad we had little Isla) and she looked so beautiful. It has been a great time of being with family and more importantly being with our little babies and eachother.

Noah learnt to say Happy Christmas and a few other words were picked up over the couple of days too, like Hat and he knows what colours are what now, we just have to learn to say them. Its great fun with his sponge like learning at the moment, I cant wait to get him to say harder words and give him special stars for saying things properly… Yes, I should have been a teacher. He is stringing more sentences together now, we clearly say “get Isla” “get Buzz” when he wants me to get something or someone. He is saying “go in here” when he wants to go somewhere, like the kitchen. He will tell you he “got Buzz” for Christmas and little things like “puppy did dirty poo poo” which he said in the bath last night as when we got home the dogs had done a naughty poo poo!! But I was really impressed with his sentence, regardless of what it was actually about.


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Last Update: Thursday, 27th December 2012