Well we have had a jam packed 2 weeks, I can’t believe Noah is 7 and a half months now, its going so fast.

Noah growth chart 
Weight: 17lbs 7oz
Height: 70cms

We went to Cornwall last week with Nanny and Grandad, it was a nice week away with the family and the doggies. Lots of rain, walking and no sleep! Noahs 2 top teeth are coming through, the right one is through now and the left one is on its way… he wasnt sleeping well and very groggy in the day time. Now we are home hes sleeping better but has a horrible runny nose. Probably due to the teething! Boo…

I have been uploading videos to You Tube today for record of Noahs first things, they date back to when he was tiny… You Tube. I will start blogging a video too from now on so that you can see things as they happen.

Well here’s a holiday video for you, Noahs learnt to clap and high five (he is so clever)…

I still cant believe hes 7 months! Where has it gone…

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Last Update: Monday, 20th June 2011