For many of us, obtaining that model size figure we all see strutting down the catwalk can be unachievable. It’s a known fact that many women struggle with our bodies or may even be just naturally larger than what is sometimes perceived as ‘average’. My body has changed so much since having my beautiful children. But that is not to stay that us curvier women still can’t be fashionable. Although dressing a frame that has been blessed with womanly curves can sometimes seem difficult, there are some tips that can ensure you accentuate your body in all the right places. Below is a list of seven fashion tips that will help you to look and feel fabulous, whilst letting you and all those around you embrace those glorious curves.

  1. Invest in quality underwear

Well fitted, high quality undergarments should be the starting point of any great outfit choice. Not only does good underwear make you feel amazing but it should also support your body correctly and emphasise your curves in all the right places. Choosing pieces that pull you in at the waist or slightly lift your buttocks can also be a good way of making the most of your womanly figure.

  1. Determine your specific body shape

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes so finding your specific body shape is key. Once you have determined your shape, it will become so much easier to look for clothing that flatters your figure. If choosing certain cuts or shapes of clothing sounds difficult, it may be a good idea to seek the help of a personal stylist. Companies such as Style With Cindy have the knowledge to both determine your body shape and advise on what will best suit your body.

  1. Cinch in your waist with a belt

Belts are an excellent way of drawing attention to your waist (which is often the smallest part of your body). Whether you choose to wear something thin and dainty or a wider statement piece, belts are always a good way of adding detail to any outfit. They are also great for showing off your curves when hidden in a loosely fitted ensemble.

  1. Don’t shy away from figure hugging clothing

Many women seem to believe that the only way of dressing a curvy figure is to opt for slouchy, oversized pieces that will totally hide their figures. The truth is that dressing in this way will only make your body look larger and often completely shapeless. Instead choose figure hugging outfits that fit your curves correctly and celebrate them! A bodycon style dress is the perfect example of well fitted clothing that will flatter your figure and draw attention to all the right areas.

  1. Skinny Jeans are a must

High-Waisted skinny jeans are another essential when choosing clothing that celebrates your curvaceous figure. Not only are they incredibly easy to style, but they are also suitable to both day and night. Skinny jeans often provide support in areas like the stomach, hips and buttocks and are great for drawing attention to these areas too.

  1. Avoid high-necklines

If you have been blessed with a larger bust, then it’s important to avoid high-necklines that will cover your figure and make you look top heavy in a bad way. Instead choose a more flattering neckline such as a scoop, v-neck or boat neckline that will subtly draw attention to your assets.

  1. When accessorising, bigger is better

Accessories are a major part of most outfits but you want to ensure you get the balance right. Smaller accessories can often look out of proportion on a curvy figure, so instead choose chunky, statement jewellery and larger handbags and sunglasses.

All of the above should make it just that much easier to embrace your curves and keep looking stylish all year round.

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Last Update: Monday, 18th July 2016