Where has it gone? Toothie number 3 is now through. Its come through along the bottom next to his first 2. Which surprised me, I thought it would come up the top!

He’s been poorly too. Noah caught a bug, then mummy & daddy caught the bug and then nanny and grandad! Oh dear. But it gave everyone a nice chill out day. Apart from the wedding we had to take photos for. Which went really well.

He’s now wearing his 6-9month clothes. But arms and legs are still a little too long on him. Bless him.

Been a busy week this week; have discussed christening, birthday and our first holiday abroad for the end of the year. Lots to look forward to. I’m very excited about seeing my little man in a big boy suit. Alongside his daddy of course.

I think this tee will speak the truth when Noah grows up. He’s going to be a little heart breaker! 🙂

Noah says dadadada now. He high fives me, tries to clap and has started to sound mummamumma etc… He’s going to be a clever mr! X

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Last Update: Friday, 3rd June 2011