I can’t believe it’s been 6months already.. He’s grown so much and has got so big.! He’s also changed alot since he was born.

Weigh in on Monday when we was exactly 6 months old:

Weight = 16lb 3oz
Height = 65.5cm

The HV said he is perfect. Perfect weight and height. He’s eating well and showing great signs he will be a very quick learning little man.

Noah has Learnt to roll from back TO front. But he doesn’t do the exercise very often! Haha. He likes to stand up. His walker has come in extremely handy!

He is crawling backwards now. This started this week. He shuffles himself back. Its very funny.

He is eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. He loves his food. We’ve just swapped dinner time to 4:30pm instead of 6:15pm because it was disturbing bedtime routine with having dinner so late. This seems to be working well. Just a shame daddy doesn’t get home until 6pm.

We took him to a farm on Monday for his half birthday > he loved it.

My favourite photo!! Cheeky goat with Noahs feet on his ears lol!

Location:The Green,,United Kingdom

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Last Update: Thursday, 12th May 2011