We are 5 months in and loving it, we are nearly sleeping well, still the odd wake up call but its usually once a night for a quick milk top up! They both have their odd nights where they cant settle, not sure why, Noah’s been waking up a lot too – poorlyness I think.

I read over Noah’s posts from when he was around this age and I came across this post:Β https://mummyconstant.com/last-week-of-month-5/Β he was 5 months and 3 weeks old when I wrote this, but the photos will be of earlier days. He looks a lot bigger than Isla does and its so interesting reading that I was already giving him lunch and dinner, petite filous and he was eating chicken πŸ™‚ Isla is having breakfast, which we have porridge and I just started giving her dinner – so yesterday she had a Cow & Gate Sunday Dinner for 4m+. She seemed to enjoy it but I think she is expecting it to be sweet and its not!

We are watching Noah all the time, following him around the room and she smiles at him when he talks to her – I will try and get that on video soon. She’s had all of her final jabs now, so they are over for another 7 months! Yippee, Daddy did this lot – I didn’t like it, I hate needles and making my baby girl go through it makes me sad.

We are starting to crawl now, well I say starting loosely, she picks her tummy up and rocks on her knees and hands. She looks very determined but she hasn’t quite worked out to move her hands and arms to move, she is a very clever little lady. I think I will get the walker down soon too, she can follow Noah around the lounge and I am sure that will be fun for Noah…

What do you think?

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  • Julie Cook
    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    Its amazing how unique they are, they all get there at their own pace. The rocking on the knees is a fun stage to watch though, she’ll be launching off before you know it.