Isla was sent a fabulous Fuchsia bitti tutto cloth nappy, it is beautiful from feel to look. Its bright and a really vibrant colour and it felt so soft, I wanted to cuddle her like a little teddy bear when she had it on. We tend to use it at night time, we clean it and when it’s ready for use again, on it goes and I get my cuddly little bear back.

The bitti tutto range are very clever, they have a special system of “snaps” so that it fits babies from newborn size to 44lb (which I think is about a size 5 in disposable nappies!). You can see from the image below roughly how it works:


It has hip snaps for all 4 size settings, which are hidden under a piece of soft fabric and they help it keep its shape and fit snuggly around little leggies!

As you can see with Isla I have got her on the 3rd setting here, she had a big belly full of milk that night and the other great thing about these nappies is that they are adaptable.

It comes with 3 different absorbency pads that are made from bamboo/organic cotton, so they are as soft inside as they are on the outside and you can adjust the absorbency to suit your baby. They have a special little “poo fence” too, which I found really great and I love the name of it, made me giggle – but the poo fence protects the sides and back from leaky poops, which Isla tends to do in the middle of the night. I really love her little bitti tutto birth to potty nappy and she will definitely be wearing it, in her snuggly bed until its no longer needed.

You can find a guide on how to use them here:

MummyConstant’s Nappy Summary

Fit: the great thing about these nappies is that you can use them in 4 different sizes and use the absorbency pads in a number of different ways – which immediately makes them quite versatile and suitable for your baby. I found that it fit Isla really well, around the leg, the hips and across the belly and I didn’t need to use all the soaker pads either as she usually only does a little wee at night.

Style: they are really stylish and come in some really funky styles – they are truly great and the soft fabric of Isla’s is like a teddy bear, makes her really cuddly. I love it! Sometimes I think I should just dress her in that, as a fashion accessory.

Ease: it took a while to get the hang of the soaker pads, the outside snaps are pretty self explanatory and you get to grips with that quite well. But after first use you literally snap the nappy together and it goes on as quick as a disposable nappy. I was really impressed!

To see the other amazing itti bitti products, please visit the website: You can like them on Facebook: and you can keep up with the Twitter updates here:

I found this video quite useful on how to use the itti bitti tutto cloth nappies:

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