This week we’ve done plenty of walking, playing with dogs. Having brat moments & getting to know his surroundings.

He is so aware of what’s going on. He knows his pets, he plays with certain things now & he likes hollyoaks. 🙂 he likes the theme music. Mainly as I watch it every night whilst feeding him!

He loves mickey mouse clubhouse best. He even smilesat the cartoon. I didn’t think these things were possible so early on

Noah has lunch & dinner now. I got him petite filous for lunch & he has chicken for dinner. Yummy!!

Noah watched the royal wedding. He especially liked the singing.

He went to nannys for 2nd Friday today. It’s heartbreaking letting them go, does it ever get easier!!! Please say it does. But he had a great day with nanny. Which is main thing.

The boys missed him too. Lol

Think someone got to the chocolate!!

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