As we get older, even the simplest of menial tasks can become a little difficult. Age affects our joints, making it harder to move like we used to, sometimes our memories are a little unreliable and we might not have as much energy as we used to. The same can also be said for our eyes. As we age, our eyes don’t focus as easily from near to far distances, this is due to a condition called presbyopia, which is related to the lenses in our eyes becoming less flexible as we get older. It’s incredibly common, and if you think you’re developing this condition, speak with your optometrist for advice. I have worn reading glasses since my teens, I do wholeheartedly believe it is because I read in the dark as a child.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to resolve this issue is by purchasing a pair of reading glasses, or even prescription sunglasses for those bright, sunny days. Available in a wide range of colours, styles and materials it’s never been easier to find a pair of prescription glasses that complement your personal style, whether you’re working at your computer or enjoying a good book outside in the garden. It’s easy to link old age with poorly designed reading glasses, but with these stylish frames and tinted lens options, wearing these eyeglasses certainly won’t give your age away.

Do you think you need prescription glasses? Let’s explore 4 undeniable signs that you need reading glasses.

Your eyes feel very tired

Trying to get your eyes to focus on writing, text, or something intricate like sewing or jewellery, the TV or even your smartphone, is something we don’t often think about. When you have presbyopia, focusing on close objects for long periods can leave your eyes feeling strained and incredibly tired. If you find yourself having to take breaks or your eyes feel fatigued after reading then you may need reading glasses.

Dimly lit environments are a nightmare

Whether you’re trying to find your seat in the theatre or cinema, or you’re trying to read the menu in a dimly lit restaurant, if you find yourself struggling to see in these kinds of environments it could be a sign that you need reading glasses. As we age, our ability to manage our night-vision capabilities diminishes, so speak with your ophthalmologist if you’re concerned.

You’re getting more headaches

Are you experiencing more headaches lately? Are they usually triggered by long periods of reading or focusing? If this is familiar, then you may have an outdated prescription or you might need reading glasses.

You’re holding items further away to focus

If you find yourself trying to find the right level of focus when looking at a book or your smartphone then you might need reading glasses. If the words or screen is blurrier when held closer to your eyes, then speak with your ophthalmologist.

Final thoughts…

It’s easy to become preoccupied with how glasses look or how they might age you if you suddenly need to wear them. Therefore, make sure you get the right prescription from your optometrist and then head online to find the right style of reading and prescription sunglasses for you. Instilling reading in children from an early age is really important, so make sure they are set up to read in the best environment.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 20th April 2021