It’s hard being a woman sometimes. Yes, you get to experience the wonder of carrying your unborn child, a bond that is irreplaceable, but you also have the hardship of pregnancy.

This blog has previously looked at what they don’t tell you about pregnancy, from the constipation to lack of concentration. So we thought we would teach you new mums-to-be how you can prevent and hopefully avoid some common symptoms that accompany this phase in life in order to maintain a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Hopefully this helps!

Maintain Vaginal Health

Constipation, frequent visits to the loo and the odd accident (a little embarrassing but nothing to be ashamed of), happens quite often amongst pregnant women. And with such ‘activity’ it is important to keep your private areas in tip-top condition by washing on a regular basis.

Don’t, however, go too mad and start vaginal douching on a frequent basis or use harsh washes or soap as this can create the perfect conditions for bad bacteria to thrive, causing vaginal conditions such as bacterial vaginosis (BV). And if BV goes untreated it can increase the risk of miscarriage or even premature birth.

Don’t panic though, keep within your regular hygiene habits and you should be fine. If you do, however, think there may be something wrong, take a look at this symptom checker or visit your local GP.

Eat Yourself Happy

Many women say they struggle to concentrate when pregnant, or that they simply don’t feel 100% with-it, but this can be fixed with some simple diet tweaks.

Add some blueberries to your morning porridge and set yourself up the right way for the day ahead. Studies have found that blueberries can improve memory and boost concentration for up to 5 hours as the antioxidants stimulate blood flow and oxygen to the brain. They also contain anti-oxidants called anthocyanins, resveratrol and tannins which are proved to increase focus.  

And for lunch why not try some avocados on toast, or maybe an avocado salad? These fleshy fruits not only taste amazing but they can give your brain and heart a real boost. Plus they’re full of fibre to tackle that constipation problem.

Put aside that frothy latte and pick up a cup of leafy green tea instead. Green tea contains caffeine, but nowhere near as much as your favourite coffee, and therefore will give you a gentle and natural boost with your morning cuppa. It also contains something called l’theanine which helps to release the energy more slowly, so you won’t get an energy crash mid-morning.

Other foods and drinks that can help boost your brainwaves when pregnant include: green vegetables, dark chocolate, nuts and plenty of water.

Look After Your Teeth

Bleeding gums may appear an unusual side effect of pregnancy, but it’s easy to treat.

Besides being gentle with your dental hygiene routine you should also stay away from tobacco (which we’d hope you’d be doing anyway) and cut back on snacking, as carbohydrates or sugars left behind can help increase plaque build-up.

Drinking plenty of milk will keep calcium levels up and your teeth strong. Also cranberry juice has anti-bacterial properties that can help, as fruit is packed with Vitamin C, gum disease fighting qualities.

See, pregnancy side effects don’t have to be scary! And it will all be well worth it when you hold that bundle of joy in your arms. Have more questions? Then leave a comment or tweet.

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Last Update: Thursday, 19th July 2018