The 25th week hit with a bang… migraine/cold and feeling sorry for myself!! Luckily hubby knew the way to cheer me up and that was with a Bump Shoot… I loved the photos he took of my bump when I was pregnant with Noah and I love the ones he’s taken this time around. I will post the photos in my review section, separately, as I want to discuss having a “bump shoot” as not many mummies-to-be know about them or think about them!!

Here is one of my favourites though:

This week, I am starting to notice the incredible “un-comfort” at night, as when I turn to my side the bump has to rest in mid air, so I either snuggle up to hubby or use a small cushion! I have the chance to review a maternity cushion over the next few months, so I will let you know how I get on with that and what difference it makes to sleep time! I hope its a big one.

I cannot believe I have 15 weeks left already, well it could be a bit more or a bit less, but 15 weeks does not seem long. The weeks are going by so quickly that I am struggling to comprehend where 2011 went and that I have a son who is 14 months old, let alone a 6 month bump! People warned me it would all go quickly, but I didnt realise until now exactly what they meant.

Crazily my scales said 10st, but that seems awfully high after last week, so I will weigh myself again in the morning and update this post… just to be safe!
The bump measures 91.5cms around my belly button. So its gaining weight now, rather nicely by the looks of things!

Here’s a link to hubbys blog:

Hope you like the photos!

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