Being pregnant and a mummy of a 14 month old, 2 dogs, a cat and a very active hubby, is it any wonder I get back ache? When I was asked to review the PosturePlast  I couldn’t believe my luck and also the thought floated through my head “Why have I not tried something like this before?” I find it quite frustrating with pregnancy that I can’t take medication and/or put certain creams on my body, but this product is fine for pregnant women.

Its like the old saying goes “it does exactly what it says on the tin”, its a big large X plaster that helps to correct your posture and therefore help remove the back pain! I must admit I did feel a bit odd when I first put the big X plaster on my back, I almost felt like everyone could see it, because I was conscious of it on my body. But you soon get used to it being there, it has to be noticeable to some degree I suppose, otherwise it wouldn’t do its job > stopping you from twisting and bending into the wrong positions which hurt your back! Of course, when moving correctly and holding myself in the right positions, I did forget about it being on my back. Because the plaster is breathable, it didn’t make my back sweat, or itch, I always get itchy skin underneath plasters, especially when its somewhere like your back. So I was pleased that I didn’t have an itchy back for the time I was wearing it.

Have a look at PosturePlast’s website: They cost around £4 for a single pack, £14.40 for a 4 pack and £29 for a 10 pack.

No matter what the reason for your back pain, I would recommend the PosturePlast, they are great for everyone, including pregnant women like myself!

PosturePlast has been extensively tested and the results are impressive. Trialled by 90 patients suffering acute or chronic lower back pain, and split between NHS and private patient groups, PosturePlast was worn on a daily basis and the results recorded.

  • 78% reported a reduction in their back pain
  • 90% of wearers reported that PosturePlast prevented poor posture
  • 80% reported that they thought PosturePlast would prevent them straining their back whilst doing activities
  • 88% would recommend PosturePlast to somebody who had back pain 

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