Well Little C has been hanging out in Mummas tummy for 9 months now…. and boy o boy is still starting to feel like it!! I never imagined I would be at this stage, its strange isnt it?

Its a strange feeling; I feel like my pregnancy has gone quickly but its also seemed like ive been pregnant forever now. I guess thats a normal feeling for women.

Midwife appointment went well on Friday, everything normal – BPM and baby’s heartbeat. She told us a little story about wives tales based on our baby’s heartbeat – but ill let you know if she was right after the little Constant has arrived 😉 hehe.

I have another antenatal appointment on Friday of this week as I will be 40.5 weeks by then, if obviously the bubba hasnt arrived before then. Its basically a case of waiting and seeing now, the midwife said all the things ive been feeling and emotions that I have been feeling are all normal for this stage of pregnancy.

Things that I have been told to look out for :

  • Waters breaking
  • The “show” 
  • Contractions
  • PMT feelings
  • Back Ache
  • Nesting
  • Lightening

Hubby is feeling unwell at the moment and I woke up with cold symptoms today, sore throat, runny nose and feeling a bit blurgh! Great huh??! 🙂

Will keep you posted….

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Last Update: Monday, 1st November 2010