The spread of the Zika virus from different regions in Africa to US cities and other locations across the globe is raising serious concerns. The virus is deemed extremely dangerous and can cause fatality when immediate treatment is not administered to the infected. Top universities such as the University of Arizona are preparing their students studying a masters in public health online to deal with an outbreak.

The Zika virus is particularly dangerous to pregnant women. While the initial infection may not trigger symptoms or other signs, the virus is known to have the ability to infect fetuses and cause serious birth defects. Pregnant women who have been traveling to highly-infected areas or who have been in contact with an infected person are advised to see a doctor immediately. A cure for the virus is yet to be found, but researchers are working hard to understand Zika more fully.

Infographic - Targeting Zika, The threat and fight against the virus

University of Arizona

You can learn more about the Zika virus by reading the full infographic Targeting Zika by the University of Arizona.

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Last Update: Thursday, 8th December 2016