Working Mothers: The Essential Guide – Book Review

Being a working mother I found this book very informative, its a great relief to know that I am simply not EXPECTED to have everything done and be that perfect! I am lucky that I come from a household where hubby helps out as much as me, I rarely cook and in turn I do the other things, like clean!!! I am also lucky because I have family to help me with childcare and was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to go back to work part time (instead of full time), so I can raise our son for the majority of the week. I know I am because most of my antenatal friends and friends with young children had to go back to work full-time, but this book explores lots of options for mothers and tonnes of legal information. A whole section on “childcare”, what it costs, the different options out there to you. Incredibly useful for any mummy to be or a family with young children. There is a section on working from home, it does not give you step by step instructions on how to do it, but guidance on balancing homelife and worklife, children and husbands and a small introduction on what business to start up (if you haven’t already)!

It made me think about the future and how my family life may be in years to come, as the book does focus on the older children and how to get them to help with the housework and daily tasks. Which I hadn’t really thought about before reading this book, I never sit and think about getting Noah to help me with cooking dinner for Daddy and things like that. But its totally right, you should get the children included in the family lifecycle, get them involved! That is completely what our little Constant Household is like, and I hope that when Noah and bump are older they will enjoy spending time as a family and doing “everything” together as a team.

The book is laid out really well, it is really easy to read, sections are clear and the bullet point format makes it perfect to flick through when you want to go over the different sections. A tiny confession; I scribbled on pretty much every page as I read it, to make a note of something to look into or for the future!

As a mother of 1, with a full time Daddy, working part time myself, running a business 5pm – 9am and with another on the way, I would certainly recommend this. It doesn’t give you the “answers” to life, but it did make me think about my options and my future little family…

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A big thank you to MummyNews for the chance to read this book and review it!


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