As you may have seen on a recent post, The Galleria in Hatfield have a fantastic offer on at the moment: the Summerdine promotion. If you eat at 3 of their restaurants and keep your receipts you get to have a family day out, for free! What a perfect way to spend the summer holidays? We ate at Prezzo and Pizza Express to collect our receipts and we went to Woburn Safari Park and had a brilliant family day out.


We had a lovely family day out, the safari was great as we got to see so many more animals than we usual do. It was raining on and off, but that didn’t deter the animals – they were all out as normal as I suppose it was normal for them. We saw the bears for the first time and the wolves were up close too, I think it was feeding time too. As we drove around we got up close and personal to the lions, look how huge the mummy lion was – if you see in the photos she is almost the size as the vehicles. She was huge! When we got into the monkey enclosure we were delighted that they took an attraction to my car, they were climbing all over the roof and the wing mirrors it was brilliant. Noah and Isla were giggling their heads off and me and Daddy were too! It was a lot of fun and we are so glad that we went, despite the typical English weather. We then took a trip to the Ark and had a lot of fun indoors as it was completely hammering it down outside, the great thing about Woburn is that you can still do the safari and do things around the park, even if the weather isn’t perfect. It is a great option for a fun family day out.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 9th January 2019