It is no lie that we love Prezzo, Italian is our favourite food and so we were only too happy to review the new Galleria restaurant in Hatfield. We made the most out of the special menu for our starters and had traditional Prezzo meals for our main course.

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The new Spring menu looked so appetising, we didn’t know where to begin with choosing our meals as our mouths were just watering. We really wanted to share some breads together too so we went for a bread board to share and it came out with a variety of flavoured bread on a chopping board with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Dean chose the Camembert to start and I chose the Gnocchi Gorgonzola off the special menu. They were really tasty, the Camembert came out like tiny fish cakes on a plate, they tasted really smooth on the inside, it was lovely.

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For our main meals we chose Roasted Duck Leg, which admittedly looked lovely despite the fact I do not eat Duck. Dean commented that it was a really nice piece of duck that was cooked really well. He enjoyed the pomodoro sauce that the duck came with too. I went for my most favourite meal: king prawns risotto. I hadn’t tried the king prawn risotto at Prezzo before and as it was my favourite I thought I would give it a go. It was juicy, yet gooey and full of flavour – it was one of the best risotto’s I have eaten. Topped with a lot of Parmesan, the best cheese topping created! It really finished off the risotto nicely.

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For our dessert course we chose a couple of mini desserts, if you haven’t experienced this yet at Prezzo then you must (especially if you are using Tesco clubcard vouchers as you can use them to pay) you get a smaller portion of the dessert of choice and a coffee. Dean had his favourite Profiterole with a latte and I went for the vanilla cheesecake topped with raspberry’s and my coffee choice was a cappuccino. They were delicious and just what we needed after our meals.

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The new restaurant at Hatfield Galleria is really quite large, because it is all new everything is clean and spacious. It is situated right by the main entrance, so the large glass windows are surrounding the entire resaturant so if you are a people watcher – this place is for you! The kitchen was open so you could see what was going on, I love this about restaurants. The facilities were again clean and they were on the same floor, which is great for accessibility. The staff were extremely friendly and the atmosphere was really romantic, we shared a lovely booth over looking the entire restaurant and had a great meal. It was lovely to spend some quality time with hubby and eating great food. We will definitely be making our way back. Thank you Prezzo.

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