Heading to the horse races has long been a favourable day out for many centuries, with the excitement of the races, the thrill of placing a bet and the class of the events that are scattered across the year. But, if you are planning a day with friends and family to the races of your choice, here are a few things you need to know before setting off to the horse tracks to ensure you make the most out of your day. 

Don’t Rely on Dumb Luck 

Betting comes hand in hand with the sport of horse racing and if you are looking to leave the races with something extra in your pockets then you need to do some research instead of relying on simply luck. To help you out, here are some of the most common betting jargons simplified so that you can go to the races with a good knowledge of what you are doing to help understand the race cards for the track and how to make the most of your money. 

Win bet – this is the implicit type of bet you can place, you put money down on which horse you believe will win and then only see a return when they come in first.

Place bet – much like a win bet, you place a wager on a horse and if it comes 1st or 2nd then you will see a return. 

Across the board bet – getting into more exotic bets. An across the board bet refers to placing multiple bets on different horses and only gaining returns of your horses win, place or show (1st, 2nd or 3rd).

Top tip – it’s easy to let the excitement of the races allow you to get ahead of yourself, it’s wise to wait for the results to be official as opposed to celebrating based on your own view of the race; then you are able to go collect your winnings. 

Dress for the Event 

As many of you may know, the races are not exactly an event that you wear jeans too, in fact, races can have very strict dress codes that need to be adhered to in order to attend, the most famous event for their rules on this is Royal Ascot, held in  Berkshire, England. The event is a highlight in the racing calendar that kicks off in June each year, but before setting off, here are the strict rules that you need to consider when picking out your race day outfit.

Throughout the years, the rules have loosened and so now women are allowed to opt for a long jumpsuit as opposed to a dress, as long as your midriff is covered. When it comes to wearing a dress there are a few restrictions, such as needing to be of a modest length – just above the knee or longer – the straps of the dress must also adhere to certain rules such as being thicker than 1 inch and so strapless dresses or spaghetti straps are not allowed. 

horse tracks

Hats are a must when it comes to Royal Ascot and for the ladies, headpieces are a favourable option but these must have a base of at least 4 inches.

When it comes to men, trouser suits are to be of matching material and full length, of course. 

Do you like going to the horse tracks? I do, albeit I am uncomfortable with the horses injuries and deaths. I wish they did not get hurt in the process. I do like having a picnic and a pimms with the family.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 17th June 2020