You may have read a post I wrote last month about not being just a Mum, it came about because there are so many things you do throughout the day. Everyone deals with them differently and every parent has a slightly different approach. We are all unique! I recently found out about a fun quiz that SunLife have on their website, it made me think back on my recent post and it took my thoughts one step further. The quiz is full of questions about what you would do in certain “parenthood” situations and then tells you what kind of Mum you are. 

It made me think about what kind of person I am and obviously, what kind of Mum I am. I loved answering the questions to the quiz, because I instantly knew which one to choose. But, I also could see which option some of my friends would choose. Well at least my perspective of what they would choose. I am guessing there are Mum’s out there that think they would choose one thing, but act like another! 


How do I complete the quiz? 

All you need to do is find the quiz, What type of Mum are you? on the SunLife website and click get started. It is that simple. There are a selection of 8 questions, which are multiple choice. When you get to the end of the quiz you get a summary of the type of Mum that you are. 

What type of Mum am I? 

Well my results are, The Organic Mum. I think its pretty accurate. I do find it hard to discipline the children, in terms of naughty corners and taking things off of them, as I don’t like hurting peoples feelings. Especially my children. But I know that they need discipline, otherwise they will grow up to be horrid humans! I am capable, but where possible I do sit down with them and talk about the why and the consequences. I want them to understand what their actions lead to. Definitely a live and learn possible, with getting as creative as possible along the way. 


I would love to hear what kind of Mum you are, leave a comment below and let me know or on social media. 

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