I cannot believe how quickly the past few weeks have gone, the days are flying by, which albeit might be due to Isla’s perfect little 4 hour routine. But looking after a newborn and a toddler is certainly a longggggggggg old day that goes really quickly… doesnt make sense, does it?

Isla was 3 weeks old yesterday and to celebrate we got her officially registered, welcome to the official register of the 2012 births little miss Isla Rae Constant. It was very exciting and in typical newborn fashion, she cried for milk as soon as we got to the registry office and fed right up until we left – I was there for the hour whilst she fed!

Isla also decided to surprise us with a 3 week celebration of her own yesterday, she gave us the biggest, cutest, beaming smile for the first time. She looked so adorable and her eyes were sparkling, it was a real smile (not a windy one) and it made me get butterflies! She just melted my heart, it was just after a feed too when she did it for the first time, now obviously I am trying my hardest to get her to smile all the time.

Isla has been feeding really well, she is amazing on the breast and with a bottle, I have expressed some milk a couple of times so that Daddy can feed her and she has been brilliant going from one to the other. I am guessing it is because she is young and not aware enough to know it is a bottle and not me, not sure.

She has been wearing her “tiny baby” outfits recently and looks amazingly cute in all of her lovely gifts from family and friends, she has been thoroughly spoilt and so has Noah to be honest. He is getting better with her, Isla gets kisses a lot on her forehead now and Noah has stopped slapping her head (touch wood). Fingers crossed he just grows out of that and pronto!

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Last Update: Friday, 1st June 2012