The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Did you know that when breastfeeding, your body releases a hormone called Oxytocin? This hormone is otherwise known as the “LOVE” hormone, it helps to make the bond between you and your baby even deeper. I must admit that when breastfeeding Isla I feel so amazingly close to her, not just proximity wise but I feel like I am learning more and more about her every time she feeds. To me, this is the best benefit of breastfeeding as I get to spend that quality time with my little baby that no one else can provide for her, as that is what my body is made to do- especially for her!

The whole time Isla is feeding I stare at her, in awe mainly, watching her facial expressions, watching her body and the way she moves when she is feeding. I love the way that she strokes me when she is feeding. Her little fingers and hands are so delicate, she has such a gentle touch, its really quite relaxing.

When I was feeding her, on her first evening in this world, she was stroking me and I said to the midwife how sweet I thought it was. The midwife told me that she is stroking me because that is her way of “getting” me to love her, this made me feel so overwhelmed. She doesn’t need to get me to love her anymore than I do already, but then there still seems to be more room each day that passes for her (and my little man too). In the past 3 weeks, I have learnt more about her facial expressions, different cries, posture and noises just from the time spent breastfeeding Isla. I find it amazing that I have such a perfect little tutor, she is teaching me about herself incredibly well and feeding very well.

Other benefits of breastfeeding, besides the bonding, are that I know Isla is getting the “best” milk, her mummy’s milk! I know that by breastfeeding with Isla, she will be better protected against infections/diseases, it is the only natural source of food designed for Isla, gives her better health benefits and me too, its with me everywhere I go and not forgetting its free. Which for us mums can be a huge benefit as the alternatives can be quite costly.

There are some other mummy bloggers that are writing about their experiences with breastfeeding too, please take a look at their blogs:

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To enter in to the Grand Prize from my blog post, please comment below on what you love about breastfeeding? If you are expecting, if you are planning on breastfeeding and why? Or if you are a father, grandparent of a recent newborn, how it makes you feel to see your partner/family member breastfeeding?

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  • A beautiful blog Mrs Constant! Aren’t you a super mum! I breastfeed for all the reasons you’ve mentioned – it’s cheap, portable, the health benefits to both of us etc. but also because George and I found it relatively easy in the beginning, where others find they can struggle.
    I think it is a lot easier to breastfeed if you know someone who has brestfed their baby successfully – I had Lucy, who I had seen breastfeeding Charlotte all over the place. I remember when I went to a cafe with a very tiny George and I was thinking ‘Should I get my boobs out in front of all these people? What if he takes ages and is faffing and everyone is looking?’ and then I looked over the table and Lucy already had hers out and was feeding Emmy – I just hadn’t noticed as she had kept talking and not missed a beat. That made it a lot easier for me to gain confidence in my breastfeeding. And I also have friends who have given birth after me and said they kept going through the tough times because they’d seen me feeding George and knew it could be done and it gets easier! I think it’s nice the way we’re beginning to learn from one another – the more people breastfeed, the more others will in the future. Mother’s in developing countries have been learning this way for years and finally the western world seems to be realising that’s the best way to go!
    Lots of love to Isla and big brother Noah xxxxxx

  • A lovely read. I always said I’d breastfeed till my little man was six months old but that came and went and we are still going. Just looking at how content he is while feeding – there’s nothing like it!

  • I loved the cuddles that came with breastfeeding, the closeness and no matter where you were and how many people wanted to see the little dude, as soon as he cried, I got him back to feed him!

  • Thanks for sharing 🙂 I really enjoyed reading your post….. oxytocin is wonderful!
    My favourite thing is when my little man wakes me at night by stroking my face, he’s only 5 months. we have lovely calm quiet nights cos everything is right there where we need it

  • Lovely blog post. I love how I know it’s me growing my baby. Everytime she puts on weight that’s because of me 🙂 x

  • I love the look in my baby’s eyes as I Breastfeed him! It’s soooo magical! Truly amazing! 🙂

  • There is so much that I love but the thing I love most is knowing that I am giving my baby the best start in life

  • I loved the special time i had with my little girl knowing that i had made her grow and gave her all of that nutritien! It made me feel so proud! I am now expecting our second little girl and i am soooo looking forward to experiencing that special bond and time only you two will ever experience together it truely is amazing and a blessing!(when she decides to arrive lol)

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