Dettol: No-Touch Limited Edition

Dettol have been very busy getting in shape for this weekends Jubilee, by designing a very funky Union Jack style cover for the No-Touch soap dispenser.

Stunningly smart and cool with its new Union Jack removable skin – this clever item automatically dispenses soap in to your hands to kill 99.9% of bacteria, helping to stop the spread of bacteria and care for your family’s hands. The soap dispenser will help maintain a healthy hand washing routine in the key places where hygienic habits can make a big difference, such as the kitchen and bathroom. And with so much of our heritage tied up in preparing and eating food it’s important to keep hands germ-free for and during food preparation.

This is a brilliant gadget to have in the kitchen/bathroom, ours is by the kitchen sink so that we know we are cleaning our hands thoroughly and not picking up any bacteria by touching a soap dispenser etc; we can simply hover our hands under the No-Touch and our hands have soap on them and are ready for cooking, cleaning or whatever we were about to do. I love it, such a great idea… especially the great Jubilee themed design! The cucumber soap is also really lovely, smells fresh and clean and my hands really do feel clean from grease and dirt.

The Limited Edition No-Touch is available from Morrisons and Ocado.

You can enter the competition on the Dettol Mission for Health Facebook page: Dettol Mission for Health to win a fabulous Limited Edition No-Touch. Simply tick the British activities that you have experienced and enter your email address into the field at the bottom of the competition app.

You can see the No-Touch product on the Dettol website:

You can follow Dettol on Facebook:

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