It has been a slow week for renovations compared to week 2. However, we have got a few things lined up and ready to go now. It’s amazing how difficult the logistics of everything can seem at times – for example in order to get my bath I have to do 5 things before hand. Here are our updates in our third week in our new home…

We have made friends with our neighbours and they seem really nice. One of them has highlighted that the fence is ours and it needs replacing, so we have added this to our Spring garden to do list. He also told us he would have the remaining goldfish and that he is the one who has been looking after them for the past year. I felt terrible that I’d given 30 of them away at that point. But we still have 30 – so he will have plenty of goldfish and happy memories.

Kitchen update

We have booked the electrician to sort our cooker out, which is amazing. We are also getting the bathroom light switch sorted – so we can get on with the bathroom renovations. We have chosen our worktop, we are going for Walnut from Worktop Express. We are very excited to get this in place as it will make such a difference to the kitchen. We are wanting a grey wooden flooring too – so we are working on sorting that out. Then I am going to paint the cupboard doors in a nice grey too. Lots to do but lets get the cooker in first!

Things are starting to feel more homely now. We actually have places to chill and they feel happy. Like the living room – we still have lots to do but it’s working for now and we are happy. We are getting the diner a makeover (diner as in the diner in the kitchen) with Wayfair – so watch that space too! Lots of exciting things on the horizon.

Bathroom update

As mentioned earlier, we are getting the light sorted next week – eek. And then we can get it plastered, ready for tiling. We have chosen our floor tiles, samples are on the way and I am very excited to share them with you! Eek.

I have really enjoyed all of your feedback on social media over the past 3 weeks. The ideas, suggestions and thumbs up comments have made me laugh. I had no idea all of my random Insta stories were so interesting! I will keep them going don’t worry. Albeit things will slow down after the mammoth rush of week 1. I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below, any suggestions welcome!

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Last Update: Tuesday, 22nd October 2019