Yes I know I should have probably done this back at the beginning of January, but with the move I have barely thought about anything too far in the future. I have merely got through all the critical things so that we could move from one house to the other.

As many of you know I love stationery and I love a challenge, so when Office Monster challenged me to get organised for 2019 – I jumped at the chance. I use lots of different tools to get organised, the main thing I learnt from 2018 is how to ease the pressure off my mind. Mindfulness is a big thing at the moment and one way of making things a little easier – amongst the busy lives – is to jot stuff down.

Making a note of things, physically writing them out, helps to “offload” what’s rolling around in your brain. It helps. Well, it really helps me. What it does it allows your brain to relax a bit because it knows you will not forget that particular thing (as you wrote it down) and it is free to think about something else. Writing a to do list, whether it’s a high level 2019 style list or a month, or the next day – it all helps to make your head feel a little more organised. Obviously having beautiful stationery helps to make that job a little easier!

So, what’s on the agenda for the next couple of months: as you can see from my scribbles I have a lot to do. Lots of things I want to do in terms of the house and the blog – these are just my high level thoughts for the next few weeks. I want to do so much to this house, but I cannot do it all at once, so I need to be organised. In order to get the bathroom sorted, for example, I have to get an electrician, plasterer, tiler and then plumber to install the bath – it’s a big long list of to do’s.

How do you get organised? I would love to know in the comments below – or on social media: @mummyconstant. Also, what’s your favourite stationery item?

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Last Update: Friday, 1st February 2019