Week 2 of making our home has been awful. Completely tiring and stressful. We completely underestimated how much stuff we had in the old house and just how long it would take to get it from A to B – without a van! Unfortunately we spent all weekend apart whilst Hubby was sorting the old house and I was sorting the new house and we are completely busy for the next couple of weekends – so it’s been a bit slow!

During the week Hubby and I were both at work, so we didn’t get anything done in the house. As I say, it’s been quite a slow paced week in terms of updating the house. We did get the old house empty and now we have boxes and old furniture everywhere. A lot to sort through and get rid of!

Major updates this week

Whilst Hubby was doing 10 tip runs and 20 runs of boxes from the old to new house, I managed to get this beautiful dining table built. It’s from Noa and Nani – I have had my eye on it for months. It is beautiful. The idea is when the furniture is all sorted, the dining room will be an office/dining area, oh and my piano too! So we are currently trying to sort it out so that this table takes centre stage. It’s enormous. I love the fact we can get the whole family, included Nanny & Grandad around it easily. No more squishing around a wonky, small dining table!

The bathroom hasn’t had an update, apart from we had the electrician round to estimate the work needed. We need to make the light switch work for both lights, since removing the wall one of them isn’t working now. We also need to hide the old light switch so that it isn’t dangerous. Not a big job he says – so fingers crossed we can get that booked in soon so I can get on with the next task – plastering!

This leads on to the update with the kitchen. The electrician spoke to us about the cooker. Our new kitchen does not have a dedicated cooker line – for those that do not know (like me) when you install a dual fuelled cooker, like our Rangemaster, you need to have a dedicated powerful electricity line running straight from the fuse box. So the poor electrician has to add this to our fusebox and run the cables all over the house to get a cooker point where we want the cooker. Crazy that this house didn’t have one, but the old cooker didn’t need a lot of power.

Funny story – this cooker must be about 30 years old and the lady that owned this house previously looked after it so well. Bless her. It was immaculate. Until we moved in! Hubby placed the toaster on top of the grill to get it out of the way. Forgetting when he next used the grill. So the toaster melted through the roof of the cooker on to the grill. Toaster in the bin and now the grill smells of plastics when it’s on! Oops.

We have decided to paint the kitchen cupboards, my task is to up cycle them. Hubby has given me a door to practice on. So I am going to see how much sanding down they need and how the grey paint looks that we have purchased. New door knobs and they will look like new. We have chosen our new worktops for the kitchen and the flooring we would like. We also need to sort the kitchen/diner area out, we need some shelving and a nice round table to fit in the space. I am excited about all of these bits that will bring it together. Especially when Hubby has his cooker in situ. I have been added my favourite pins to a Pinterest board, if you want to follow.

The bedrooms are coming along, we are not buying new carpets until the bathroom is complete. I do not see the point of buying brand new carpets when the tiling will make a dust layer over the top of it. So that will be a February/March job.

I have finally found a home for the goldfish, I feel so sorry for them. I feel guilty for giving them to someone else, but we haven’t got any time for another thing. Kids, pets, work and new house is going to take up all of our time. Also the location of the pond is quite dangerous with the kids and dogs. In the Spring we will be getting rid of the pond and the greenhouse to make room for a nice patio. I am going to leave the rest of the garden alone until I know what grows where. There are so many nice flowers and bushes that I cannot wait to see it all in Spring. Every time I look out of the window, during the day, there is something interesting going on in the garden. I have seen blackbirds having a bath in the pond and yesterday I saw a woodpecker looking for worms. I was amazed. Being on a busy street in the old house I didn’t see much wildlife. I love it here.

I have really enjoyed all of your feedback on social media over the past 2 weeks. The ideas, suggestions and thumbs up comments have made me laugh. I had no idea all of my random Insta stories were so interesting! I will keep them going don’t worry. Albeit things will slow down after the mammoth rush of week 1. I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below, any suggestions welcome!

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Last Update: Thursday, 24th January 2019