Bumpometer – 91 cms
Weight – 8st 7lbs

I weighed myself this morning and measured my belly line and it isnt showing as any bigger, if anything, smaller than 3 weeks ago. Even though it has grown loads. So I think its because I am weighing myself at different points throughout the day.

There are considerable differences between week 22 and week 25 though, my belly bump is very noticeable now, I am getting back pains, stretch pains and the little one is kicking me all the time (well when awake).

Daddy can feel bump kicking now and Hayley felt a few kicks on Saturday, so making this all very, very real now.

At the weekend, both Dean and I had the nesting bug. We cleared alot of rubbish from the bedrooms and are set to do a humoungous carboot sale at the weekend. We have sorted our 3rd bedroom out now, ready for “PROJECT NURSERY” and boy o boy, I cant wait!! At the moment we have cream drawers and a small armchair in the room. My friend Colette has offered me a rocking chair, which I am extremely excited about, this will be a great asset at 3am when I am ever so sleepy and feeding our little one. We have decided to get the nursery ready before we go on holiday at the end of September. So we officially have 9 weeks to get Project Nursery complete.

I still cant believe in 15 weeks time (if not sooner) we will have a little Constant in our lives, I am growing increasingly excited as the minutes roll by. Still no names for either sex, but we have 15 weeks to come to some decisions. Its so hard!!

Deano is taking some photos of bump tomorrow night, so I will be able to show you how big the bump is getting. 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 20th July 2010