Have you been feeling a little overworked and stressed recently? When was the last time you spent some time and money on yourself? It is important for everyone, especially a mother, that you avoid burnout. If you can find a few hours a week, or even a few minutes a day to relax and indulge yourself, you will feel better for it. You will find that you will be rejuvenated and have more quality time with the family. A relaxed Mummy is able to make better decisions and life choices for everyone too. So, never underestimate the power of a little me time as a busy Mum. Here are a few simple ways to add a little Me Time into that busy schedule.

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Get Soaking

A nice warm bath is an excellent way to ebb away some of those stresses and strains. The health benefits of a bath are many, including balancing out your hormones and boosting your heart health. If your usual daily routine includes a morning shower, perhaps you could swap it for an evening bath once a week or so. Ensure you do this when your partner is home and able to take care of the kids. Also, if you are in this habit, you may be able to set that alarm a few minutes later, giving you some extra precious sleep. Buy some relaxing bath salts, maybe get some candles and aromatherapy incense. Anything that can help you turn off from the daily grind for half an hour or more, is worth its weight in gold.

Treat Yourself

Why not go to that hair salon and have a whole brand new hairdo? Or maybe you should just buy that new bag you’ve been eying up. You work hard and deserve a treat every now and again. This has the effect of showing you that you are doing a good job and you are worth it. Not everything has to be able the children all the time.

Early Night Days

Every once in a while, pack the kids off for a early night. In this time, you and your partner can have a romantic evening together, where you could indulge in that Italian Wine you’ve kept hidden. Or have that secret cake. You guys could binge-watch that series you’ve been meaning to watch. Geting your children into the habit of having early night once a week or month, this could do you, and your relationship wonders. 

Burn Those Calories

If you can find time to do some exercise, you will not only look better, but you will feel better and have more energy. Exercise is key to avoiding burnout. It is a natural stress buster and floods the body with feel-good endorphins. And who doesn’t want to feel better? This doesn’t necessarily have to mean going to the gym. Perhaps, you could indulge in a walk. Maybe you could fulfill a double whammy and walk to collect the kids from school. This has the by-product of instilling good walking habits onto the kids in the process. Maybe you could go out into the garden and play some games with the kids before you start making dinner. Anything that increases the blood flow around your body and gets the heart beating a little harder is beneficial.

Think Dinners

Some people find that good cooking can be therapeutic. If you are one of these people, why not get inventive and healthy with your dinner. Delving into a recipe or creating your own can send you into that flow state where you are completely immersed in the act of cooking. It can be seen as a form of meditation for some. So, not only will you be finding an activity you enjoy, but you will also be able to make the family healthier in the process too.

Find a Hobby

What do you enjoy, and what are you good at? Maybe you could take up those piano lessons you have always wanted. I love playing on my piano, or singing along to songs that I love. Or, perhaps you should get the easel out and finish that painting. It does not matter what your interests are, there will be something out there that caters to it. If you are really stuck for time, forcing yourself to spend ten minutes a day dedicated to learning your craft can make you feel a lot better. Sometimes all you need is something just to take you away from the burdens of everyday life for a few minutes. Like cooking, a hobby can also be therapeutic. When you are really into the act of creating, it can be likened to meditating. And by meditating, you will find you develop a new focus and improving your skill at managing the effects of stress in daily life.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 30th June 2021