Valentines Day, February 14th, is not far away. In actual fact, it is just around the corner. I am hoping that Hubby and I will be able to get away this year and see the sights of a wonderful new City, well new to us. We are currently thinking about York. Getting hubby the right gifts for Valentines Day can always be tricky, as he has everything, but House of Fraser was a great place to shop. In mind of our trip away, these are some of my ideas…

Something for the day time

These Chelsea boots are a great idea for trips away, they are stylish and comfortable. The great thing is they can be styled up for the evening meals and styled casually for day time wear. They come in a lot of different colours and shapes too, so you can get the right pair for the man in your life. I am going with a more pointy, brown pair for my husband.

Something for a treat

It’s always nice to have a little treat on Valentine’s Day. Finding something for him can be quite tricky, maybe it’s because I put too much pressure on myself to get THE perfect gift. I love the Jo Malone set I found, it comes with 5 different fragrances which means he can find one that he really likes and possibly get the bigger bottle for his birthday treat!

Something to wear in the evening

I love seeing my husband in a suit, he looks really smart and so I have my eye on this tie. I think its great for a nice evening, romantic, meal with me. It’s not too formal, it doesnt look like a work tie to me. It looks more of a fun tie!

Something to remind him of me

My husband has started taking a “man bag” to work with him, infact he has a smaller bag for weekends too. He has a lot of paperwork that he has to take home sometimes and so I thought this document bag would be a great buy. It will also be a nice something that reminds him of me when he is at work. I like doing sneaky things like putting little love notes in the pockets, so when he opens them it makes him smile.

A little something from the kiddies

I am staying away from the cuddly toys this year as the children and the grown ups have quite enough. So something more practical for Daddy this year, this Diesel wallet is perfect for a weekend away. Looks big enough to contain everything needed but not too bulky! It’s also very stylish too.

What are you going to get your loved one this Valentine’s Day? I would love to know in the comments below.

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Last Update: Thursday, 26th January 2017