Chicken has long been a busy mum’s favourite, it’s diverse, easy to prepare and full of all the good stuff families need as part of a healthy balanced diet. Below I have compiled a quick guide to four of the best chicken recipes for you to prepare taking into account time, taste and diversity.
Chicken Pasta

Chicken instantly brightens up any pasta dish while at the same time providing all the nutrients needed in any evening meal; add some vegetables to the dish such as broccoli or green beans to ensure you have an even balance of carbs, protein and veg and consider making a sauce or stirring together pesto with crème fraiche for an easy addition.

Chicken Salad

This is another quick fire dish which suits those with a hectic schedule. The beauty of this meal is the variations on offer; the dressing can make such a huge difference to the taste and texture. Why not try adding some dried chillies to a simple dressing to give the salad more warmth? For those who prefer a more Mediterranean style, tzatziki is a great option if you’re looking to add a different flavour.

Jerk Chicken

This Caribbean recipe is an extremely popular dish. The jerk seasoning can be bought in a jar for those hard-pressed for time, but to make your own is not too difficult either. Just add two finely chopped peppers, one finely chopped onion and a handful of Jalapenos. For your seasoning add two cloves of garlic, a dash of black pepper & salt, 1 nutmeg, 1 teaspoon of thyme and half a cup of soy sauce. For those who prefer a spicy meal add a few fresh chillies or chilli powder to taste. Finally combine all of the ingredients and the chicken breast together in a large sealable bag and allow marinating to take place overnight. If you are creating the dish on the day allow the mix to set together for 2 – 3hours before cooking.

Sunday Roast Chicken

Getting families sat together for an evening meal can be hard to do at the best of times, which is whythis Sunday favourite makes it into the top four. A simple meal that can be prepared with ease, it’s a guaranteed to way to get the whole family sat together at the end of a busy week.

From the traditional recipes to spicy world flavours, chicken offers versatility and options to suit the whole family.


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