Top 10 tips for getting secret santa gifts

It’s this time of year that everyone is out buying Christmas presents, whether that be for family and friends or work colleagues. Grabbing secret santa gifts is always something I find quite difficult. This year I have secret santa’s for all three, some are easier to sort and purchase than others. Below are some tips I have accumulated to help you get fantastic secret santa gifts.   

Top 10 tips for getting Secret santa gifts

  1. Do a little research into who you are buying for – there will be someone you know that know’s that person (if you do not know them very well yourself), as them a few questions and find out what they like. 
  2. Now you know what they like find themed gifts – for example if they love football have a look at football themed items or if they love cooking, have a look at cooking themed items. 
  3. Find websites that stock a variety of products – websites like Stocking Fillers are fabulous as they have a lot of choice and great filters to help you search for the best gift. 
  4. If you are stuck, try to go for smaller gifts that are useful – like the screwdriver sets you get in crackers – not exactly glamorous but very useful. 
  5. Set a budget – if you haven’t already had a budget set for you, make sure you choose a budget as this will stop you from buying and buying. If someone has sorted the secret santa for you then ask them what the budget is, they may have just forgotten to tell you. 
  6. Make a shortlist – if you shortlist some presents that the right ones and you get stuck, get someone to take a look from a different perspective. For example if you are buying for the opposite sex, get someone from the opposite sex to check your shortlist. 
  7. Make the present anonymous – use plain wrapping papers, no personalisation and no hand writing as that could lead to clues as to who was Santa. 
  8. Put the items in a stocking or box – what a great way to make your secret santa gift look different. Put the presents in a stocking or a nice box, give it a special something extra! 
  9. Print out labels – as I mentioned above, do not hand write the labels, there a lot of resources online that will enable you to print your own labels out and helps to disguise who purchased the gifts. 
  10. Get creative – if you have spent your budget and you can think of something extra, get creative, make something. Put a little extra effort into the gift. 

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Tuesday 15 December 2015
Top 10 tips for getting secret santa gifts

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