Winter is that time of year when the roads are slippy and icy, also there is the chance of drivers being sleepy due to long journeys and of course, there is always that element of road rage. Keeping the family safe could be as easy as avoiding the things that annoy us the most: driving whilst using a phone or tailgating for example. It really is this simple – don’t do it. 

Cargiant conducted a survey that reveals what our top driving hates are and it also shows small things that we can do to keep our families safe whilst on the roads this winter. Especially when the roads are icy and people maybe sleepy from long drives. What happens if you are sleepy at the wheel? You loose focus, your reactions are not as quick and if you take your eyes off the road, anything could happen. If everyone just thinks about these little pet hates, featured in the infographic below, and made a conscious effort not to do them – the roads would be a lot more safe for us and our families this Winter. 

Top Driving Hates V3 - Final snippet

Have you ever wondered what is the top driving hates of drivers in the UK? You can see the full infographic and find out more from the survey results on the CarGiant website here

Drive safely image by ShutterStock. 

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