Yes, I managed to continue the facade of ditzy Mum today. Ever since the children started school and pre-school in September there have been numerous occasions where the children have either turned up in the wrong clothes or I haven’t realised it was bring your cardboard to school day. Today was just another one of those days. 

It wasn’t just forgetting a cereal box, or not bringing the right colour PE tee (like I did back in September). Today was not realising that the pre-school was closing a whole 3 hours earlier than normal. Ah, yes, that dilemma. I had to be at work. I couldn’t just turn up at work and expect my manager to be happy about me having to leave after a whole 2 hour day. I flapped. I panicked. Isla just looking at me like it was nothing to worry about. Why does this happen to me? Are letters sent out to everyone except the Constant household? 

It turns out on this particular occasion I wasn’t the only one that didn’t realise. Quite a few Mums did not know. One Mum even turned up at midday to drop their child off. So I was not alone in the mass confusion. What do you do in that situation? 

Thankfully one of the other Mums (who I get on with) came to Isla’s rescue and offered to pick her up too, feed her and look after her until I finished work. Grateful is not the word. 

I must look like an idiot on the school playground. Nothing unusual there I suppose. 

On a positive note, the children met their new teachers today (hence the pre-school closing). Isla enjoyed meeting her new classmates and Noah came home extremely tired, but happy. The sign of a good day for him. They are looking forward to September already. 

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Last Update: Wednesday, 6th July 2016