It has been quite hectic, I am sure I don’t need to explain that to other parents out there. I actually felt quite sad this morning, I was “that” Mum that had forgotten the permission slip. Truth be told I never saw a letter in the first place. Funny how something so small can leave you feeling so terrible.


I instantly knew what happened as Isla takes her book bag (enclosed with letters) and spreads it out all over the place, wherever she feels like it. So tip for next week is to make sure I get her book bag as soon as she leaves pre-school and remove important school communication, the letters! I felt like I had let her down because I was the only Mum who hadn’t returned the permission slip. Silly isn’t it? Its just one thing in a line of many this week of things not going quite to plan.

Tuesday I was 10 minutes late to collect Noah from reception, Wednesday I was 10 minutes late to pick Isla up from pre-school (I clearly didn’t learn my lesson) and then to top it off I was slightly late on Thursday too. Work has been extremely busy this week, things going wrong and people asking me questions as I am about to leave the office – I don’t want to just leave them in the lurch. It’s so hard. I need to force myself to leave earlier, for those just in case moments where someone has a question as I am picking up my coat and bag.

Today, I nearly forgot Noah’s PE kit today, then realised he did not have any clean polo shirts with the school emblem on, so he had to wear a plain polo shirt. Which he also wears for PE as silly me, got the wrong coloured polo shirt. That was another shock, seeing photos of the PE class and Noah was the only child in a blue shirt – how did I get that so wrong?

All in all, despite the hiccups this week, it has been really enjoyable. The children love their new pre-school and school, the other parents seem really friendly and hopefully we will make some good friends over the years. Noah is really getting to grips with his reading and I am hoping that he will be reading words very soon. He doesn’t want to read at home. What is it with the “don’t know” and lack of interest at home. This is Noah by the way, Isla is full of chitter chatter about her day and she really wants to read books. It’s funny how different they are.

So, I just need to make sure I get the letters, sign my life away and leave work on time to get to them for a prompt pick up – oh and wash the uniforms and PE kits when I get them back, not the day before they’re needed! Not much to ask is it? Oh the life of a working Mum, with school children!

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Last Update: Friday, 9th October 2015