Thursdaythoughts Thursday Thoughts: Week 6 – this week has all been about my poorly baby girl. It’s really made me think how lucky I am to have such a great family…  …When little lady is poorly it breaks my heart, especially going to work and leaving her. Noah has been a good boy which has helped! It’s been the first week that Noah has gone to Nanny and Grandads for a night on his own, so we could concentrate on making Isla better. It’s amazing how when your little ones get ill the whole world stops and everything, that you normally take for granted, is changed or ceases until they are better. Childcare, mealtimes and most importantly sleep! Besides all that, all I have wanted to do is snuggle up with my little baby girl and wish she was back to normal and that I could be poorly instead of her.

Big hugs all round this week…


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