The summer is finally here, and that means your holidays are too! All year you’ve been excited to take your family somewhere new and exciting, where memories can be made, and fun can be had. When planning the big getaway, it can be easy to go for package deal holidays, where the hotels and swimming pools will be chaotic with other families. Why don’t you consider staying on home soil and exploring what the British Isles have to offer instead? Many people might not consider the UK as their holiday destination, but there are so many fantastic places you need to visit, things to do, and people to meet.

The beautiful beach of Western Super Mare

When people think of their summer holidays, the beach is almost always the first choice. After all, with luscious sands and sparkling water, who could want for more? These wonderful beaches aren’t all a long plane ride away, however, as the UK has some of the most stunning coastlines could hope for, such as Western Super Mare. The great thing about visiting the beach at Western Super Mare is that there are always lots of things to do around it, like the arcades for gaming of fresh seafood restaurants, making your visit so much more than just getting a tan. Also, by using a site such as Coast Radar, you can find beaches and hotels nearby so you can plan your expedition to the sandy shores of Great Britain with ease.

Wonderous country walks in the Lake District

Another fantastic hidden gem of the UK is its incredible countryside. With rolling hills, lush pastures, and diverse wildlife, exploring the British countryside is another must-see if you want to experience everything the UK does best. There are many online guides to take you through the best walks in Britain before you settle on one of many beautiful locations to go and explore, such as the Lake District. Going on relaxing walks in the wonderful countryside of the Lake District, with its dazzling lakes and stunning landscapes, is a great holiday idea if you’re staying in the UK this summer. The incredible landscape could be the perfect place for a fun nature hunt to take the kids on, spotting little animals and having picnics, but equally could be a romantic stroll for you and your partner to get away from it all and have a well-earned break.

The big city break in Bath

If you are looking for a bit more of a fast-paced holiday adventure, then why not consider a short and sweet city break? Cities in the UK are packed with different cultures, cuisines, experiences, and music, all ready for you to explore. There are useful tips and tricks online about how to plan a city break and get the most out of your whistle-stop tour to see what brilliant things the UK has to offer. A great city you can’t miss is Bath, a world heritage site boasting a rich history including the Jane Austen museum with great shopping and wonderful architecture.

When you sit down to book your holiday this year, don’t assume you have to go on a fourteen-hour flight to find somewhere nice when here in the UK, there are hidden gems and fantastic experiences just waiting to be discovered by you and your family.

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Last Update: Monday, 2nd July 2018