I love this game and so do the kiddies. We get everyone to play it with us when they come round too. It’s a quick fire round game where you have to guess what is on your head band. Clues in the name of the game (Hedbanz)… It’s really quick paced, fun and gets the children to think creatively about how they might ask questions. 

What is the aim of the game? 

The aim of the game is to simply be the first person to guess what is on your card. If you are, you win a counter for that round!  Isla wins a lot of the time, but she is the youngest and gets the most help along the way! 

How do you play it? 

It’s really easy to set up: everyone places a head band around their heads. Someone puts the cards in the slot on the bands, and themselves if they are playing. Making sure not to peak. You must not know what is on the card on your head! 

You take it in turns asking questions, the rest of the players can only say Yes or No. The timer goes on and off you go. If you ask a question and the answer is yes, you get another turn. 

With Isla being younger than the recommended 7 years old to play it we do not use the timer, but when we play with older children/grown ups we do. 

I think this game would be perfect for when the children have friends round, long car journeys and even dinner parties. Its a great idea and fun trying to work out what is on your card. 

What’s in the box 

Hedbanz (headbands), help cards, cards with items on, counters, timer! There is enough for up to 6 players. 

Grab your copy of Hedbanz from Argos, where it’s £13.99. It will be the best thing you buy all Summer! Do you have fun playing this game? I would love to hear your comments below or on social media: @mummyconstant. 

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