A new year can prompt all sorts of changes, including reinventing yourself. While some people look to getting in better shape and eating more healthily, managing their finances better, or starting a new venture, another way to make your 2016 feel like a fresh new start is to adopt a new look.

Reinventing your style can be a great thing to do, giving you a new outlook and changing the way people see you. This can be especially refreshing if you feel you have been stuck in a bit of a style rut and wearing the same styles for years, or if perhaps you have stopped really caring about how you dress, opting for more comfortable clothes (perhaps since having kids) and not really having fun with your personal style anymore! Perhaps you have to dress a certain way for work, and have found yourself sticking to that style outside of work too because it is just easier. Perhaps you have lost or gained weight, and your old style just doesn’t really suit you any longer. Whatever your reasons, picking a new look and giving yourself and your wardrobe a makeover can be a lot of fun!

Of course, it can be a challenge to create a whole new look, but there is plenty of inspiration on the web, and a lot of things you can change quite easily and without spending a huge amount of money. Here are some ideas for getting a gorgeous new look for 2016:


One of the quickest and cheapest ways to get a new look is to start wearing your makeup a different way. Most of us have a pretty large collection of makeup, a lot of which never gets used. Do you own one of those palettes with lots and lots of colors for eyes and lips, but keep using the same shades? Check out make up tutorials online and find some new looks you really like, for both day and evening, and get to practicing! You may well find you already own everything you need, and learning skills like contouring can help you achieve a beautiful look without any real hassle.


Hair can be another simple way to revamp your look. Whether you go to a salon or try the DIY approach, changing your color dramatically or going for a new length can be a quick and easy way to look and feel very different. If that seems like too big a step, you can try less permanent changes, for instance wearing your hair down if you usually wear it up and vice versa, or straightening or curling regularly.

Clothes and accessories

If you want to completely change the look you are putting out, it can be a pretty big deal to replace your entire wardrobe. This may be something you prefer to do gradually over the course of the year, enforcing your new style as the different seasons pass. However, a good place to start can be with a ‘capsule’ wardrobe for the current season, which embraces the look you are trying to move to. With it being winter, you can do a lot just with a new coat or jacket, because you can make this a part of all of your outfits. Plus, the January sales can help you get some great bargains, making this a really great time to invest in a new fashion style. Look out for versatile women’s clothing pieces that go with your chosen new style, for instance skirts and pants. You can then mix and match the items from your initial capsule wardrobe to create lots more outfits than if you go for statement standalone pieces like unusual dresses.

Whether you are trying to look more sophisticated and grown up, more feminine, more edgy, or even to adopt a particular style (like going goth or bohemian), if you have some fairly neutral pieces in your wardrobe you can achieve a good start to this by using accessories. Certainly, a new bag and some jewelry won’t turn a wardrobe full of jeans and faded sweaters into a sleek, glamorous style, but it is a way to move in the right direction as you begin to collect clothing that matches the new you. Scarves, belts, bags and shoes, as well as jewelry pieces, can at the very least make an otherwise dull outfit look better put together, so shop for accessories and start making them a part of your standard look.

While some changes can be made instantly and others take time, transforming your daily style can really lift your self confidence, and will be sure to get you noticed!

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  • emma white
    Monday, January 18, 2016

    some great tips here, thankyou for sharing x