As you may have seen we recently renovated our bathroom, from a small space that had 70’s decor to our new modern twist on a Victorian bathroom that we have today. A lot of consideration went into it, planning a bathroom isn’t as easy as you think. It took a lot of thought, but mainly I had a vision in my head and I went with that.

What do you need?

I had to weigh up what I wanted, against what I needed. Also, what my family wanted and needed. It’s not just my bathroom after all. Simply put, if you want a huge walk in shower, but it is going to take up all of the bathroom and cost more than your budget – do you really need it? Is it really practical? Challenge yourself about those decisions you are making. Once it’s done you have to be happy with it and it has to be functional.

Measure up well

We had a bit of debacle when planning our bathroom; the bath I wanted was a rolltop. So that was my requirement. It didn’t have to be a particular shape or style, as there are plenty of choices, I just wanted the rolltop effect for the bath. I think they look beautiful and every time I walk up the stairs I smile – so I know I made the right decision. But, the bath I nearly ordered was larger than the space we had. So I did my research – you can buy shorter baths than the average and that’s what we did so I could get the rolltop.

Thinking about the future

Not something you usually consider when you are renovating your home at an early (ish) age. But looking into different options that will last you, quite literally, until you are elderly is a great way to save money in the future. For example, looking into a range of walk in bathtubs that could be useful for a whole range of reasons and be practical as you get older. You may have elderly relatives that might need to live with you and so you need to ensure you have catered for the entire household.

Making it safe for a family

The other aspect of planning a bathroom, for a family home, is to make sure it is safe. We have blinds up, with the toggles safely attached to the walls – so they are not a choking hazard. We have a mirrored cabinet above the sink, out of the reach of the children to keep hidden things like; razors or adult mouthwash! Simple things that can be super useful when you are using your bathroom.

Have fun

The other thing to think about is having a little fun. I fell in love with our bathroom floor tiles, they were exactly what I had in mind. I really wanted to have a strong pattern on the floor and a solid colour on the walls. I felt it was important to have a bit of fun. I get compliments about my bathroom all the time.

I am glad I took some time out before we did the renovation work; research and creating a visual in my head of what I wanted. I sketched out what I had in mind and this helped everyone involved to see what I wanted to achieve. It was a lot of fun, albeit stressful not having a bath for a couple of months! It’s my favourite.

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Last Update: Tuesday, 12th November 2019