Blogging tips – Writing a successful blog post

This is a post I shared on my LinkedIn recently and thought I would share it on my blog too. Who doesn’t want free blogging tips? By successful I mean that it will be easy to read, good SEO scoring and enjoyable too. There are a few main elements, to me, you need to consider and I will go into a little more detail below.

Featured image

Make use of the featured image functionality (I use WordPress so it might be called something different in your CMS) this is the main image of your blog posts. The one that sits at the top and features on your homepages. The image should be relevant to the post, it fits in with what you are talking about. For this post, for example, I could have used a device or an image of my CMS. I chose a photo of me as I thought it would be more appealing and introduce myself to my readers. Its relevant as this post is my advice. From me!

Think about the title

Some people do not think the title has any relevance with being successful. When it could be anything. Think about a newspaper, those page 1 headlines, if they said boring things then no one would want to read it. This is a similar process for your blog posts. Think about your blog title as a newspaper headline, that when published, will sit amongst hundreds of other headlines. Why should people read your one? They will read your post if it appeals to them. If its something they are interested in. My tact with this blog post is that it might help some people just starting out, so I kept it short and sweet – to the point.

Make use of headings

Break your content into clear sections. Using headings is important. Rolling with the newspaper analogy again you have different sizes headings to emphasize what you think is most important to your readers. Heading 1 is always the blog title. You should never have another heading 1 in your blog content. Accessibility rules state that you should nest your headings, by that I mean; Heading 1 is the blog title. Heading 2 is the next title in the post. If your content in heading 2 needs another heading – sub heading – then this would be a heading 3. Otherwise if your content is a new paragraph/section its another heading 2. Hope that makes sense!

Get the right SEO tools

I live and die by my SEO tool. I use YOAST SEO for WordPress. This is one of those technical blogging tips and very useful. It is the most important plugin to me. Why? Because it tells me if my writing is too wordy, if its written too technically and if I have used enough words, used the right amount of links, written a meta description. Lots of useful prompts and they come up in a traffic light system, so I know what I HAVE to do, what I SHOULD do and what I COULD do. A bit of the MoSCoW method there!

So, for example in every blog post you should link back to at least one page on your blog. An internal link. You should ideally link to two different external pages too. This makes Google realise you are not just writing a sales pitchy kind of post. You should write at leat 300 words per blog post and always include an image (with alt tags associated with the image).

These are just a few tips I get from Yoast everytime I write a blog post.

Have fun

If the post is boring or enticing – people will give up reading it. I probably should have started with this paragraph! However, This post is for information, to give bloggers tips on writing posts – so to a degree it has to be full of information. I like to try and make it sound fun though. I tend to write as I speak. Ironically, I used to get told off for this at school consistently – look where that got me Mrs Teacher! I try to add my personality into my posts, make my silly jokes or relate to something you have done personally. It always helps as you want people to relate to your posts. To come back and read more.

This should be a good starter for 5… I have a lot more blogging tips. I will add to this in the future or I can write more in-depth guides – just let me know in the comments section below…

Thank you for reading this far! 🙂


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Blogging tips – Writing a successful blog post

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