Holidays are everyone’s favorite time of the year. Everyone gets to relax and celebrate it accordingly. Apart from this, a few holidays call for parties and work. You become busy finding perfect gifts for your loved ones, indulge in decorations, deciding on a beautiful feast, and, last but not least, creating cute holiday cards for the near and dear ones and finding the perfect holiday card display.

Depending on your taste, whether you opt for something classy, festive, glossy, or nonspiritual, we have gathered some fantastic ideas on how to create cute holiday luncheon invitation cards for example.

Card ribbon display

For this, you need a wall or a door side to display your ribbon cards precisely. After choosing the location, you need wall adhesives and paper clips with yes, of course, a ribbon of your favorite color. The following steps must be followed for displaying an invitation or holiday greeting cards on the wall.

  • After choosing the color of the ribbon, cut in into a two feet long length. Make sure you have enough ribbon on hold.
  • After that, hang the ribbon on the wall or door with the help of wall adhesives. You can place the ribbon horizontally or vertically but with enough space in between.
  • Now hang the cards in between the ribbon with push pins or clothespin. To give it a smooth look, hang them at equal distances.

Rustic look with shutters and windows

To give your home a rustic look, you can easily old window shutters and frames.

For rustic greeting or holiday card, shingle down fragments and paint them with colors you like. Hang the shutters at your selected or chosen place or corner. You can also use empty frames and, with the help of a string or ribbon and attach them to the frame’s sides. But leave a little loose between the corners to give it a neat and tidy look. And then connect your holiday cards in between or luncheon invitation or greeting on it.

Pom pom

To create a more cheerful look:

  1. Use pom pom of different colors and sizes.
  2. Use the garland string and attach both pom and cards at equal space.
  3. Place them at the equal interval and place it on your walls.
  4. Attach cards with the help of a clothespin or pushpins.

This will give a very cheerful look for your holiday card display.

Display card ideas

These could be taped or hung according to one’s choice. Gather all the useful pieces that can be used for setting up a beautiful card. You can place holiday cards over the refrigerator, and you can use the bulletin board as well.

  • Bulletin boards are an easy way to set cards for holidays. Take your kid’s help, decorate the board with a holiday card, and add lights and paper flowers to give it a rich look. This is the easiest and less time-consuming way to set up a holiday card at home.
  • The chalkboard display card is an alternative to the bulletin board. Kids love chalks and board, or you can quickly get it from the store. It’s cost-effective. Place your holiday cards on the chalkboard and decorate it with ribbons, paper flowers, glitters, or anything unusual and attractive that comes in your mind. You can make something with chalk, like a tree, if it’s Christmas. Black and white are old style, but these are pretty appealing to the eye and reminds of memories.
  • If you are creative and look to give your home a cute cheerful look, you can use your hallway wall to set up something unique with the help of ribbons, strings, or wreath. As mentioned above, pom pom gives a very cheerful look. You can attach these with holiday cards on the wall using nondestructive wall adhesives. You can make artificial flowers with glace or cardboard papers and place them at different corners of your wall. This will boost up the hallway card area.
  • Wine cork displays are another example. Well, everyone has spare cork wines at home. Why not use these? But it’s more of a project, but let’s do this if you have time. Use these wine corks to make a figure with the help of a hot glue gun. You can place a bow on top or bottom of the wine corks using ribbons or some wreath. This will be very appealing and amazing to look at.
  • Make beautiful cardboard cards with handmade notes on it. Use a punch hole to make holes on the top. Pass ribbons or wreath from these holes and hag them on the wall. Use any home décor piece; one such example is antlers and places or hanging them with the cards to give an outdoorsy look to the area.

How do you display your holiday cards? I would love to know in the comments below. It is such a big decision once you are aware you need to make it, the pressure of finding the right holiday card display.

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Last Update: Friday, 13th November 2020