Beanies sent us a fabulous stash box, which is a big box full of coffee that are different flavours. A great idea for when you have a dinner party or a few different people over, also for giving coffee flavours to baking recipes. They are all less than 2 calories per serving and guess what: suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Bonus!  

In order to show off the flavours, and for a laugh, I invited my friends round to do a taste test on the stash box. Tom and Zoe are brilliant cooks, one has previous chef experience, both create the most amazing food I have ever tasted. So we thought they would make for great candidates to try the coffee flavours and capture their thoughts. 

It is amazing to see how their taste buds are so much more refined than mine, my husband and I both think that we would not be able to identify some of the flavours – not as specifically as Tom and Zoe did. My favourite flavour was the hazelnut. 

So, here is the taste test and results, needless to say Zoe won and was rather chuffed about it too: 

You can buy a stash box online at the Beanies website, they are currently RRP £22.50: You can follow Beanies online at Twitter: @Beanies_Flavour and Facebook:

I would love to know what your favourite flavour coffee is and if you have any fab coffee photos then please comment below… 

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Last Update: Tuesday, 10th May 2016