For my birthday, 2 years ago, my Mum & Sister got me tickets to go to The Making of Harry Potter at Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London. It was definitely worth the wait, due to pandemic and the national lockdowns we just never made it to the doors. I had no idea what to expect when we got there and it completely blew my mind. Please do not read this post if you want to left with some surprises when you get there…. just in case I accidentally spoil it for you. If you want to know what to expect then read on…

We love Harry Potter, it’s a firm favourite on World Book Day in the Constant Household and so it was inevitable we would go to The Making of Harry Potter one day. What I loved about the studio tour is how, although it is giving away secrets from the movie and how they were made, it brought the magic even more to life!

The sheer imagination of J.K. Rowling and what she created in the first instance is just fascinating. Learning that she started writing the first book on a train home from Scotland. And, how if it wasn’t for a lady taking the time to read the book, at the producers office, it might not have ever made our big screens. The studio tour is full of “actual” sets, props, outfits and how they did it’s!

One of my favourite areas was the Great Hall; it’s the first room you go in and it completely takes your breathe away. From the visual aspect of the room, the size and the smell. It is the actual room they filmed in, with real flagstone flooring. The details in this place are just incredible; everything to the finest detail is accounted for. The carvings on doors, the feel of the pillars and the smells from the fire.

You are filtered through a route, but you can go at your own pace. We really liked this as it meant we could take our time and read the signs. We soaked it all up. Normally it takes a few hours to get through, we took 5 and a half hours. I could have stayed there forever and now I know how the actors felt as a 10 year old when they first started filming – I bet it was just magical living there for 10 years whilst they made these characters come to life.

My Mum hadn’t been for about 5 years and she said there were a few different things. I liked the fact that even though this was Mum’s second visit there were still some surprises for her. New areas have been added, like The Forbidden Forest, a new shop for Christmas Harry Potter merchandise and new video’s showing you how they made the characters. The sets are all just fantastic and it really did feel like I was in the movies.

Now, this is probably a huge spoiler to anyone that hasn’t been recently and so please stop reading now if you want a surprise….

There is an area dedicated to Gringotts Wizarding Bank. You get to see the amazing marble bank in all it’s shining glory. It is the REAL set and it looks magnificent. You then walk around the basement of the bank and how they made the effects when Harry Potter steals the Horcrux. It is mindblowing and so very clever. Then you walk into a set that is a not so shiny version of Gringotts Wizarding Bank and there’s a surprise waiting for you… make sure you WAIT!

There is just so much to say about the place, but also I don’t want to ruin absolutely everything for you. A ticket is from £49.95 and you can get family tickets too. If you like Harry Potter then you will just love this place! Have you been here? What did you think? I would love to know in the comments.