If you are a dancer, you know how important it is to wear the right outfit that isn’t only aesthetically appealing but comfortable as well. What you wear can impact your performance as ill-fitting clothes can restrict your movement and make you uneasy. Still, dance outfits can cost a lot of money, especially high-quality ones that meet the standards of dancers. Besides, performances don’t typically last for too long, or you may be one of those who likes to go dancing regularly. Creating your dance outfit can be a lot of fun as you pick out your fabric and imagine the perfect design to look and feel great. You may even use your imagination and purchase versatile materials such as lame fabric that are not only used for curtain linings but work well for dance costumes.

When you begin to create your dance outfit, you need to consider a few essential items. These include the ideal fabric, the body’s movements, choreography, specific demands, and how the material looks while you dance. Then, picture yourself in the design you have in mind and imagine how all the elements combined make for the perfect dance outfit.

Below are a few useful tips to help you create your dance outfit.

1.            Research

Everyone needs inspiration, and having options in mind when making your dance outfit is helpful. First, study the typical outfits dancers wear and modify them to suit your taste and style. Fashion magazines are some of the best tools to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Next, make a note of dance outfits you feel are more to your liking and suitable for your dance routines. From there, you can pick out what you think you look good and feel comfortable in. This will be your inspiration when you create your dress outfit.

2.            Sort through your wardrobe

Before deciding to make any purchases, it would be an excellent idea to see what’s hiding inside your closet. Often, you may have forgotten about pieces that can work as dance outfits too. You can match them with other clothing pieces you intend to make yourself. For instance, the bouncy skirt you have not worn in a while would look perfect paired with a clingy top. As you sort through your clothes and accessories, imagine which ones would go well together and set them aside. You may find yourself not having to spend as much with the pieces you have in your wardrobe.

3.            Choose quality fabric suitable for dance

The fabric you use for your dance outfit plays a primary role in how you look and perform. Some materials to steer clear of are those that do not stretch and are high-maintenance. Satin, for instance, quickly gets wrinkles, and staining can occur often. Additionally, the fabric does not stretch, and it is challenging for the dancer to move smoothly without worrying about tears in their outfits. Still, satin is quite attractive, and there are ways to work around it. If possible, opt for more stretchy material or those that flow smoothly around the body to provide you with ease of movement.

Your performance can be affected by your dance outfit. If you are comfortable, you can go through the motions, focusing on your routine without worrying about how you look or feel. Today’s dancers are free to choose which style they think they can carry confidently, whether modern or retro. When you create a suitable dance outfit, you are assured that you can move with ease and grace, and make dancing feel so good.

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Last Update: Monday, 21st March 2022