As some of you know I am allergic to dust and cats. Yes, that is right! I have a house full of dust and a fluffy cat. Since working from home, permanently, I have noticed the difference in my breathing and chest. Hoover have the perfect remedy: an air purifier. It’s perfect for people like me, allergy sufferers who cannot really escape it.

The short story is this fabulous Air Purifier 700 with diffuser and humidifier can purify the air of a 20-metre square room in just 10 minutes. It is super quick. So, if I have done a Spring clean around my office, it lifts dust and pet fur – using the air purifier means I can continue to work in the room as I am not sniffly and my chest doesn’t feel tight at all.

The HEPA (H13) filter in the air purifier cleans the air by deactivating the allergens and pollen in the air. There are certain periods of the year where I notice the difference more: when I turn the radiators on after a period of inactivity over Summer and Autumn and during the warmer months when the children and animals are more active around the house and garden. Running about and playing can cause dust to occur and fly around the room.

I have only been using the air purifier for a couple of weeks, I use it straight after cleaning and I clean the air in the room every morning before I start work. I feel less irritable around my nose and eyes, and I have had no issues with a tight chest. I am going to try the detox diffuser next week to see how that makes a difference to my work environment. Before I had this, I used to have to wash my hands as much as possible, hold my breathe when I empty the vacuum into the bin for example and cleaning the house always takes me a long time as I have to break in between dusty areas. Now I can blitz the house, feeling reassured that the air is going to be purified within 10 minutes.

Setting up the Air Purifier 700

I loved how easy it was to set the Air Purifier 700 up. The first thing I noticed was the cool plug, yes, I know that is sad, however it is hidden on delivery and has a retractable lead – so no cables everywhere. Great idea! Once you have taken the delivery tape off and the bag off the filter it is ready to go and all you do is set up the Hon app on your smartphone. The app was easy to set up – it was quick as I had an account from other devices that I use.

There is a sleep mode, which means I will be able to breathe clearly in bed and hopefully reduce my snoring! Although the purifier is quite large, it has handles on the sides which make it really easy to transport around the house as required.

Another bonus of the Air Purifier 700 is it reduces the smells from cooking – so when we make curries or fried fake-bacon we can use it to clear the air. It’s got so many benefits for us a family, I cannot believe it has taken me so long to get one. I cannot wait to use it more and give you an update on how this has helped with my allergies. I also feel the air is cooler in my office today, a bonus of using the purifier (this is due to the fan motion, it is not an A/C unit).

I would love to know if you have any questions about the Air Purifier 700, use the comments below or on social media. I just know it is going to change my life and make me feel more comfortable in my new office! Don’t forget to check out my other cleaning hacks.

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Last Update: Monday, 16th May 2022