I absolutely adore my new crisp white bedding from DUSK, but keeping it nice and clean is something I am really desperate to do. I am the sort of person that will make them pink by washing them accidentally with something else. So, in doing my research I put together this checklist for keeping clean white bedding. I love that fresh bed feeling; like getting into a freshly made hotel room.

I was sent this beautiful Portofino Waffle Bedding from DUSK to try out my fabulous tips on keeping clean white bedding, well, White! DUSK ran a “big clean” survey and their results are in, it’s full of fabulous tips on top of the 5 I have included in this post, don’t forget to bookmark it.

white bedding by Dusk

Change your bedding frequently

This might sound like a bizarre tip, but the longer you leave your bedding on your bed (in use) the more chance it has to pick up dirt and stains. Keeping a rotation of bedding means your bedding stays with that newer look for longer. I wash my bedding between 1 and 2 weeks, depending on how it looks / feels. Sometimes the kids sit in our bed to snuggle with a movie and we all know where that leads: lots of mess and usually crumbs. I love changing my bedding just before I go to bed too; this way I get the most fragrance from the washing powder.

Wash your bedding on it’s own

When you wash your white bedding, put it in the washing machine on it’s own. There can be NO chance of colours running and ruining the whiteness of your bedding set.

Use a fabric whitener

I use Dr Beckmann GloWhite Intensive Whitening sachets. You simply add one in the drum of your washing machine when you are washing the whites. It is good for all kinds of fabrics and will also work on white items with a bit of colour. I get mine from major superstores, you can also grab on Amazon in the link above. They maintain the whiteness of fabrics from the first wash. They really do prevent greying and are perfect for a white bedding set.

clean white bedding

Spot clean your bedding

By keeping on top of your stains and marks, it will make it easier to clean when you do the big wash. Small stains and scuffs can be removed by using cool water, or using a safe product if you have one (fabric cleaner). Make sure the bedding is completely dry, use a tumble dryer or hang it outside in the breeze. Did you know hot water can set a stain? Always use cooler water.

Do not iron

If you can after you have washed the bedding, shake it vigorously and leave it drying outside. The shaking will get rid of those washed creases and allows the material to dry without the need for ironing. I put my bedding, gently, over my garden furniture to dry as I do not have a washing line. It always dries with minimal creases. Ironing can alter the colour of your fabrics too; so avoiding ironing can be beneficial to all items!


Do you have any other tips to add to the list? I would love to know in the comments below. I hope you all appreciate a lovely fresh bed as much as I do. Do you spray your bedding with the fresh linen Fabreeze sprays too? Don’t forget to check out my other cleaning hacks, and don’t forget to bookmark me!

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Last Update: Friday, 13th January 2023