So, I have started this new True Crime section on my blog to give me somewhere to write about the things I have been thinking or discovered. I love reading about cases; open and closed. There’s a lot to be said for learning from old cases. Little known fact; I wanted to be a criminal lawyer when I was younger and I did study Law at uni – but the path I ended up on was IT and Projects. However, I still have a huge interest in crime. I would love to be a criminal profiler if I could do it all again. So, the idea of this section is to talk about things I have watched, learned and share links to stories that might inspire further reading.

Sky Crime

I have this channel on most evenings, I love Sky Crime. I have learned a lot about cases from the USA and UK. Ted Bundy and the Golden State Killer to name a couple. There are a lot of TV Shows that have inspired me to research and read for hours into cases. I started reading about the Golden State Killer as he was captured, some 30 years later. I will write separately about that case as it really hit me! I also love how Genealogy helped to catch him. Another one of my favourite hobbies!

Britain’s Most Evil Killers

I love Britain’s Most Evil Killers. It is a great way of finding out about a lot of True Crime from the UK. From Peter Sutcliffe to Fred & Rose West, you can find out lots of intricate details about the history of cases. Which sparks further questions and reading. Wikipedia is my friend! I seem to watch lots of investigations and then spend hours reading up on them, not sure if you do too!

Netflix True Crime

There are so many great shows on Netflix in the True Crime section. I love all of the shows, I have recently watched Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacey tapes – this offered a real insight into Lacey’s life. They also have the conversations with Ted Bundy too! It disclosed elements to the case that I didn’t know before which is fascinating. But sometimes you’re left with a whole lot of extra questions!

“My first question is: Are there any particular cases that you would like to know more about?”

— Comments below….

I will be exploring the documentaries I watch, discuss relevant cases in the news and just any particular cases that catch my eye! I am excited about this True Crime journal! I hope you are too.

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Last Update: Wednesday, 1st May 2024